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Friday, April 28, 2017

a month of stitching::day 27::and the giveaway winner

 Do you remember Folkwear patterns?
 All the rage in the '70's, they are still available today.
You can see their website here.
 I made this little jacket for our daughter 
Lindsey in 1985, from pre-quilted fabric.
(She's almost 33 now!)
Today I'm creating my own pieced and quilted fabric 
to make a more modern version of the jacket
for a wee baby due in June 
in far away Sweden.

I love using a very old pattern, scraps of fabric from my stash
and pieced bits of batting leftovers.
Very satisfying.

There were four comments and several e-mailed
I randomly drew a name...

It will find it's way up and over the ridge here 
in Vermont to Katja
of Raven Hill Farm!
(be sure to read about their maple syrup!)

Congrats, Katja!
I know where to find you.

PS Special birthday wishes to our Stewart,
who turns 35 today.
I really don't know how that happened.


  1. Congratulations Katja! I just love that little jacket, Karen, and I'm sure it will be darling with your own pieced and quilted fabric. Hope you'll share the finished jacket with us! xo

    1. For sure, Judy, I will show you the whole jacket when it's done. It's so funny remembering when I made one for Lindsey all those years ago...