Tuesday, April 18, 2017

a month of stitching::day 17

Mother Nature's color palette seems to provide never ending inspiration. Batman gave me a pussy willow bush for my birthday and today I was struck by all the beautiful colors I saw in the branches, tiny leaves and catkins. I'd been meaning to make a little pincushion for some time and decided to make one with the colors of the pussy willow. These old fashioned calicos also remind me of the gorgeous dresses worn in the newly released To Walk Invisible, Masterpiece Theatre's two hour movie about the Bronte sisters. (What a lovely, sobering, inspiring movie!)

The nine patch pin cushion pattern can be found here.

Tomorrow I'll post a bit more about pin cushions...


  1. Oh just seeing your photo of the pussy willow took me way back to my younger days!! As children we loved picking branches of the trees in the fields. Thanks so much for the memories - also of the crocus which was a feature of my childhood days.

    1. Memories can jump out at the least provocation! So glad my photos brought some back.xo