Wednesday, April 5, 2017

a month of stitching::day 5

Two rows are sewn, one still to go. I haven't removed the foundation paper yet, or given the piece a good pressing. I did have to adjust my plans here and there, and use my seam ripper more than once, but I am beginning to see the light at the end of the tunnel on this project. I'll get the last row pieced tomorrow, pin baste and try a line or two of quilting.

We woke up to few fresh inches of snow here on the ridge. Yikes!

Our Hannah is in China for a few weeks, recruiting students for the school where she works. We "face timed" this morning and it was such fun to talk with her, 12 hours ahead of us. She is seeing and eating amazing things and is smitten with the folks she has met along the way. She will be with us in Vermont next week, can't wait to hear more tales!


  1. This is so interesting, Karen! I love the colors and am fascinated by your paper piecing (which I would never be able to do!). How wonderful for Hannah! Love your frequent posts!

    1. Thanks Judy. Paper piecing requires a special kind of insanity. :-)
      I can't wait to see on Sunday what other guild members come up with for the challenge. xo