Sunday, April 2, 2017

a month of stitching::day 2

You can take a peek at the beginnings of this project, along with a much smaller Wilma kitten here. Today I set the timer for an hour and made some progress on this fun apron. I am not a confident or skilled knitter, and I am easily put off by minor mistakes. I'm glad I picked it up after setting it aside this winter.

More pictures of the needle roll, made waaaay back, can be found here.

The nifty "needles i own" card is tucked safely in my wallet, ready for reference any time I'm out in the world and considering a new project. A similar template can be found here, via Kathyrn Ivy. I am not sure what size it will print out, but maybe if you are a clever technology whiz you could tinker with the dimensions.

And seriously, this Wilma cat really likes to be in the middle of every project I take on...


  1. Who could resist sitting on a soft knitted mat? Cats do love to be right in the middle of things, don't they? Bravo to you, Karen - I have not picked up knitting needles for about 35 years!

    1. You must have your hands full with TWO cats "helping" you, Judy! xo

  2. You have a good amount of needles there Karen! :)

  3. So, so sweet. And so lovely to be catching up with your blog this morning.