Tuesday, April 4, 2017

a month of stitching::day 4

I've been working on my submission for our Vermont Modern Quilt Guild "paint chip challenge". At our meeting a few months ago we each grabbed two paint chips out of a paper bag. One chip had four similar colors on it and one chip had a "pop factor" color on it. Matching colors as best we could, with fabrics that "read" as a solid, we are to create an 18" square mini quilt. Only approximately 10% of the "pop factor" color may be used.  The mini quilt must have a modern esthetic. 

Since drafting my ideas out on graph paper and getting the piecing started I have already altered my plan! Stay posted to see where this goes...it's due at our meeting on Sunday.   

P.S. Last night I sat with the knitting group at the library...( I had not been there in ages) adding a bit more stitching to my day. I am feeling highly motivated!


  1. what a fun idea working around randomly chosen paint chips. i think i'll suggest this for next year's guild agenda. can't wait to see where this leads you, karen...

  2. Hi Sharon,
    I think if you do a search, there are lots of versions of the paint chip challenge out there on the web!

  3. What a fun project! I love the color palette too.