Sunday, April 9, 2017

a month of stitching::day 9

There's a space in the back of my sewing studio that serves as a guest room when we have a houseful. This part of the basement is tucked into the side of the hill, so the window sits at ground level, making for a perfect kitty perch. But the wallpaper... 

In anticipation of the upcoming wedding, we decided to take advantage of the snowy weekends and finally stripped that ugly wallpaper. We painted the half-walls Benjamin Moore's crystal blue's actually a very pale aqua. (My Mumsie suggested something in between green and blue, because she basically has turquoise running through her veins. And it seems to be genetic, so she is not the only one. Ahem.)

Batman and I pulled two bookcases out of storage in the shed and up to the house with a toboggan last weekend. All of my sewing, knitting and quilting books that have been in storage for three years (!!!) will soon be unpacked, sorted and installed. 

I also pulled out my New York Beauty wallhanging (made years ago) and Batman hung it over the bed, providing a bright splash of color. I'm still mulling over ideas for the curtains, but a recycled curtain rod (from the CT house) has been installed, so I'm all set.

More than twenty members brought their paint chip challenge mini quilts to our guild meeting this morning. As soon as photos are posted to our website, I'll provide a link. They are an amazing collection and will be on exhibit at the Vermont Quilt Festival in June.

Tonight I spent some more time knitting. So meditative after a busy day. More sewing tomorrow!