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Sunday, March 22, 2009

additional sunday post

The high school I graduated from 35 years ago has come a long way, and I share this with you. I am feeling proud of the Canton High School drama club! Thanks, Mumsie for forwarding this to me!


  1. Right on!

    Packing up my childhood bedroom, i found the tassle from my highschool graduation mortar board (39 years ago??)...and the peace symbol that many of us wore on top of our mortarboards as silent protests against the Vietnam war, even though the administration had threatened to expel us or ban us from our own graduation for any sort of demonstration. I'm so glad that it's once more important to young people to speak out against authority for things like civil and human rights.

  2. Yay for these wonderful young men and women!
    Karen, I've just caught up with your recent posts. What a wonderfully moral foundation you have given your children. I really admire your family.
    The Boston post made me smile as I love our 'fair city' and enjoyed reading about your day. The cat family relatives were so cute - what beautiful creatures! But what about little HoneyBee? You'll have to get a photo from your mom. By the way, see my post today for a papercutting made by her!
    Love reading your blog!