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Thursday, March 26, 2009

kitchen freshening at "a bit of earth"

How Peter got this hulking cupboard out of our smallish kitchen in Vermont, I don't know. Then he managed to move it across the breezeway and into the woodshed, where it awaits its next incarnation. 
This is what was left behind the cupboard, "lovely" paneling and a patch where an old window must have been, complete with clear vinyl and insulation flapping about the edges.  We trimmed said stuff and filled and spackled. 
Much scrubbing with TSP, two coats of primer and two coats of paint later, voila!  And after much fussing with cryptic IKEA directions, a new wall cupboard for food, a new work surface/storage unit and some shelves. (For you color fanatics, we used "palm springs", from Ace hardware).
Then a glass of wine at the end of the last day, soaking in the view, weary joints and a feeling of accomplishment!


  1. What a cheerful transformation from the darker paneling. Looks wonderful and your view is fantastic!

  2. Looks like HARD WORK but very rewarding!
    The last picture is a great ending!

  3. The panelling isn't as bad as some that i've seen, but the new paint is beautifully light and cheerful. I was chuckling about the "cryptic" Ikea instructions...i've had occasion to try to figure them out, too. Sort of like looking at a Japanese origami book and trying to figure out things only from the diagrams! Your reward at the end of the day looks lovely and companionable.