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Wednesday, March 25, 2009

around the neighborhood

Here's a picture of the Braintree Hill Meetinghouse, just down the road from our place in VT. It's a beauty, in need of a little TLC. The view from the front doors is spectacular, and the cemetery out back is full of lovely old stones. The Historical Society is housed downstairs, and it's only open a few times a year. We are looking forward to the time when we can get in to take a look.
This sign was just posted at the foot of our road, where it leaves the paved town road and heads up, up, up. Our road gets messier by the day, with deep ruts and wet muck. Yesterday the grader came by and dumped gravel in the worst places, providing a bit of traction. I love that the notice runs through May 15th! So many funky aspects to this part-time country life.

Yesterday, Peter and I walked the property lines.  He did "show and tell" with the pruned apple trees.  There are seasonal rivulets running down many parts of the property, trickling water and shelves of ice all along the way. Very pretty. The six acres of balsams still have a carpet of deep snow, in the shade under the boughs. A slice of heaven on earth.

The kitchen freshening project is nearly done. Last coat of paint is drying while I sit here at the 3 Bean Cafe, using the WiFi and sip a mocha.  I'll try to post photos tomorrow, when we head back to "civilization".


  1. Hope your last night there is wonderful. I guess it's still too early for whippoorwills and spring peepers up there? The mud's a definite sign that you're entering another Vermont season. :)

  2. I remember the meetinghouse...hope you're able to get inside
    sometime to see more history of the town.