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Monday, March 30, 2009

another branch of the feline family tree

Here's my grandkitty, Isabella Sophia.
And my Buddah-like grandkitty, Stewart Ferguson.

They live in Beaverton, OR, with our son Stewart and daughter-in-law, Dawn. Bella and Stewfer are both rescue kitties.  When Stewart and Dawn went to the shelter, Stewart Ferguson came over and sat at Stewart's feet.  The shelter person said something like, "Oh, that's Stewart, he likes you". And of course, the two Stewarts went home together!

Stew and Dawn often foster kittens and their Moms until the kitties are old enough for adoption. I don't think I could let those little ones go once they found their way into my home, and so I admire Stew and Dawn for the good work they are doing. 

Now, Mumsie, I need to get a digital picture of Honeybee, and add her to the tree...and Nelson, are you feeding any strays in your London neighborhood? Send pics!


  1. What beautiful grandcats you have! I agree with you about probably not being able to let the little ones go once they found their way into my home...there's an excellent and informative site that i've discovered put together by a couple who foster orphanned/abandoned/rescued kittens for their local animal shelter...and i think i would have ended up keeping every one of the 70+ kittens they have cared for over the last 4 or 5 years!

  2. Hi Karen,
    Funny you should mention that because I just posted a pic of Honeybee on my blog! Just stopped by to tell you I wrote about your mom!

  3. Oh what adorable kittys! Isabella is a cutey but I love Stewart Ferguson, what a character he looks like!
    I would have to keep them both, couldn't let them get away!

  4. I just saw Honeybee on Judy's site and came over to tell you about it...i see she delivered the message herself :). I'm trying to figure out, if Isabella Sophia and Stewart Ferguson (who could be nicknamed Massive Ferguson) are your grandcats, then would Honeybee be your...sister?? she's a beautiful kitty!

  5. actually, Isabella and Stewfer live with Stew and Dawn. S&D foster other kitties.

    and thanks, Judy for sharing the picture of Honeybee.

    and Quiltcat, i think i may be Honeybee's step sister, since we don't share a Dad.

  6. I think StewFerg is much more handsome than he appears in that picture. And Bella is adorable. I think we need a picture of Will Turner :)

  7. You have very beautiful grandkitties!
    Your stepsister cat looks very sweet!

  8. Happy to report Stewart Ferguson has lost weight since this photo, he is on a weight-loss plan now. :-)