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Tuesday, March 17, 2009

urban adventures

Hannah, Gretta and I were out and about in the world today.  First stop, IKEA, for a few items for the kitchen freshening project in VT.  Lunch in the fun cafeteria, of course. 

Then on to the Yale Center for British Art, where we saw "Endless Forms Charles Darwin, Natural Science and the Visual Arts". At last week's gathering of our Speaking of Faith group, we listened to Evolution and Wonder,  and one of my friends recommended the exhibit at Yale to us. Glad we went, it was full of paintings, artifacts and books related to Darwin's life and times. Of course, my favorite piece was a book printed in Edinburgh in 1821 called Werner's Nomenclature of Colours. It was full of little squares of color, with names and formulas for mixing next to them...the book was open to blues...Scotch, Prussian, Indigo, China, Azure. The charts were used for taxonomic descriptions of flora and fauna in the field. I covet the book.  
It was a sunny, warmish day in New Haven, here's a few pictures of pretty things we saw along the way.

And many congratulations go out to Hannah's Earlham friend, Eva Jimenez, who was just awarded a Watson Fellowship.  If you are up for a good read, go here to see all the fascinating projects that will be funded this year.


  1. Sounds like a wonderful day with your girls, Karen! The photos of the stone carvings and the ornate gate are beautiful.
    Also, Karen, I so enjoyed your daughter's post yesterday.

  2. When I go to Ikea with my husband we always stop at Jerry's on the way back, when I go with my daughter we stop at Urban Outfitters and the Yale Barnes & Noble. I'll have to look for the British Center next time.