Be joyful even though you have considered all the facts...practice resurrection. -Wendell Berry

Saturday, March 28, 2009

life and a cup of tea for comfort

Sometimes we sense things before we know them.  Yesterday I posted a quotation that is speaking to me, big time, today.

The art of living lies in a fine mingling of
letting go and holding on.
-Havelock Ellis

The church I have been committed to and worked hard for is in the midst of turmoil. I know I did what I could when I could. Then I slipped to the periphery about a year and a half ago, resting and waiting and watching. Now we are in the maelstrom. I am trying not to be attached to outcomes.

Gretta decided this morning, she will attend Knox College in the fall. We are so proud and excited for her. We have raised all four kids to be strong and go out into the world to do good things. She is doing what we hoped she would do. And I know that is a blessing. But I am feeling in the midst of letting go and holding on. And I know I am going to feel this way for a while ...

My home away from home, The Country Quilter closed its doors for the last time today.  The women who I have grown to love through their classes, their encouragement, their support and their dear spirits will go their separate ways. They are all starting new adventures and life will go on.  But, yikes, I will miss them and their welcoming shop/creative community. I am letting go...

But here's the thing--we heard spring peepers last night for the first time this year.  So in the midst of all this holding on and letting go, there are the things that stay the same.  That we can depend on, and anticipate and anchor ourselves to. Like the peepers, the snowdrops and the crocus. 

P.S. Will you be turning out your lights from 8:30-9:30 tonight for EARTH HOUR?  It's a symbolic energy saving exercise, calling for action on climate change. Join us!


  1. I hope that all works out well for your church. Congratulations to Gretta for choosing Knox College! I know you're going to miss your baby when she leaves the nest, but that "roots and wings" things is so true. That's really a shame about The Country Quilter closing. Do you have a local quilt group that you could join to recreate some of that community of fellow quilters?
    So glad your peepers have started! I am hoping to hear some today when i walk out to get the mail.

  2. I did and tried to comment in the dark-lots of miss spellings!
    I agree it's just knowing when to let go and move on I find hard!

  3. I sensed this was a very tough post for you, Karen. So many changes at once. Letting go is hard, i know from experience, but you seem to have a positive spirit that looks ahead and knows that all will be well.