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Saturday, March 21, 2009

boston ramblings

The folks in Boston sure do know how to brew a pot of tea.  They throw wicked good tea pahties, too.
This is the view from Lindsey's window at work on Beacon Hill. Sweet, eh?
We found the statue of Mary Dyer, whose twin sits in front of the Meetinghouse at Earlham.

"My life not availeth me in comparison to the liberty of the truth".

We hiked a bit around Quincy Market and the Common, and we had a great dinner at The Burren, an Irish Pub near Davis Square.  Lindsey and I could not resist the fish and chips.....mine with malt vinegar. Mighty fine.

Brunch was at the S&S Deli near Inman Square, where I had poached eggs over salmon hash (roasted salmon, new red potatoes, scallions and dill).  Next time I have leftover salmon, I am going to was really good.

In between the walking and eating, there was good conversation and a few good chuckles, and a little bit of sister time.  As the kids grow up an way from us, these get-togethers become more dear.  We missed Stew and Dawn, especially.

We left Hannah in Boston with Lindsey, they are going out dancin' tonight, then Hannah is flying out of Logan to go back to school.

I grew up outside of Boston and used to spend time bopping around Cambridge and Boston on weekends.  A lot has changed since then, but the city driving and the crazy accent have not.  It was fun to reconnect with a city I love.


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  2. Looks like a wonderful weekend in Bean Town! My parents inadvertently started a new tradition of family vacations after my sister and i grew up and left home...they rented a small cabin on a lake in Maine for a week, my sister would stay half a week and i would stay the other half, with a two-day overlap in the middle (the place was too small for all four of us to be there the whole week).

  3. Awww we miss you guys too!!!