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Saturday, January 23, 2010

another fun day...

Last night my breath was taken away when we walked into Lindsey's friend Sara's studio.
Her work is AMAZING.
Her website is under construction, but worth a peek.
A few weeks ago Sara spied a pair of muttons I had knit for Lindsey
and she proposed a swap...
a pair of muttons for a wee painting.
(I knit two pair, 'cause I was so impressed with Sara's work).
We've been corresponding via e-mail,
it was fun to meet her and get to know her at dinner last night.
(At Emma's, in Kendall Square).
And I can't wait to see what Sara comes up with for me.
(She sparkles).

This morning, after a yummy b-fast, Lindsey and I popped into
Christina's Homemade Ice Cream, Spice and Specialty Foods
in Cambridge.

I found beluga lentils, dried canellini beans,
star anise and lemon grass.
The place smelled mmmm, so good.

There were teas, dried mushrooms, dried chillies,
oils, grains, sauces, stone ground chocolate...

More adventures ensued and finally, we ended up at
where we met Dave, a close friend of Lindsey's
and an honorary member of the extended family.

And now, we have set Lindsey up with her sewing machine from Santa,
trying stitches, winding bobbins and organizing her supplies.

(If it seems like I have eaten my way through the weekend, I have.
And it's been dang fun!)

Tomorrow, it's out to the suburbs to visit with my Mumsie...


  1. Oh my word, all those buttons in the last post and all these spices-a true feast for the senses!

  2. So glad you're having fun, Karen. THANK YOU for the link to Sara's website. Her work in paint and mixed media is sumptuous. I lingered over every piece of work. Pure talent!
    Say hi to your mom for me if you read this before seeing her.

  3. Those tea watercolors are breathtaking.

  4. Sounds like I should be jealous of all the fun you girlies are having in B-town.

  5. Sounds like delicious fun! and thank you for the link to Sara's her work!

  6. the spice shop looks like Heaven! and more pastries!! omg! my weakness and you are tempting me;)