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Saturday, January 30, 2010


thursday's paper skrippy scraps turned into 
friday's fabric skrippy scraps.
these notecards, stitched with fabric scraps, and stamped monograms
were made for quilting buddies, cathleen and juana.
 wrapped them up in simple waxed paper sandwich bags
and tied them with string and added a plain tag.

i am so happy to have my sewing machine back from its tune up!

we are about to set off on errands in the cold, projects this afternoon
and dinner with friends.
how about you?


  1. If I didn't think threading the needle/figuring out the bobbin would take me the rest of the afternoon (I don't sew very often) I would be inspired enough by your notecards to make some of my own using scraps from my mom's stash...

  2. These are really cute Karen!

  3. I love these Mom! Very cute...I like the mixing of the mediums.

  4. Lovely idea, and so pretty! and you have such nice handwriting, Karen!

  5. P.S. where to you find wax paper sandwich baggies? i seem to only be able to find plastic baggies, or wax paper, but not wax paper baggies...