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Sunday, January 31, 2010

cozy socks!

while taking a sock knitting class in the fall,
i finished one sock, and the ribbed cuff of its partner.

this past week i was determined to finish the pair.
on thursday afternoon i turned the heel,
on friday afternoon i knit the gusset,
and yesterday, by the fire, with henry's "help",
i finished them up.
(grafting the toe has to be the hardest part.)
there are some funny spots, 
where perhaps i knit when i should have purled.
but they are cozy and warm and homemade.
and finished!

when finishing something feels this good, 
why don't i do it more often?

how are you at finishing things?


  1. Great socks, Karen!
    I'm usually bad at finishing things, but lately I've been "chunking out" projects, just as you did with the socks. I'm finding that 'one step at a time' is less overwhelming than looking at the whole process at once!

  2. Oh socks! I keep thinking about making one's own socks, how fun that would be, well the part where you pick out the colors and material and tha part where you wear them. I LOVE socks. But I have no idea how to knit and don't think I would be able to manage it at all.
    Your socks are beautiful. Love the color too.
    Cozy is good. Handmade is wonderful.
    I have to start something first in order to try to finish it. Hm. Trying later today for more art journal pages.

  3. Oh and I meant to say congrats on finishing, just hunkering down and doing it. Not easy, but like you said, feels so good after.

  4. I have GOT to learn to knit socks! These are splendid. Re finishing, I have planned to finish ALL my unfinished projects this year! We'll see...

  5. Those are great socks! and what a lovely warm raspberry color! I am very bad at finishing things. I am notoriously bad at finishing things. My quilt group cheers and applauds and laughs when i finish something!!

  6. ooh, i love handmade socks!
    i don't know how to knit but some friends have made me some and they are fabulous!
    you're look grand :)