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Wednesday, January 20, 2010

it's been such a long time...

...since i made my own clothes.
this was so easy and fun.
indygo junction's perfect pullover IJ773.

made with plain linen,
 a lovely batik
and a very gorgeous fabric from moda,
called "a morris garden" by barbara brackman.
i bought a yard of it a few years ago at bolt,
a fun fabric shop in portland, OR.
(my daughter in law, dawn, thought i might like the shop, clever girl!)


  1. Lovely! I see your signature blues coming through :-)

  2. when I saw you bought the fabric at bolt, I thought, "hey, we have a fabric store called bolt here in portland, too!"
    then I saw that was thee bolt you were referring to. how uncanny!
    that's a darling top!

  3. i can't even imagine being able to do such a thing. it's adorable.
    i'm amazed.