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Thursday, January 21, 2010

thursday ramblings

we got home last night from watching avatar in 3-d
and batman propped his glasses on papa george.
still thinking about that movie.
too much violence, but so, so much loveliness.
remarkable film.
hannah told me there's lots of inspiration for quilts lurking in those colors and forms.
she's right!

fresh squeezed grapefruit juice for breakfast, for good energy.
at noontime i am off to boston,
dressed up for a function at the public library.
then i'll meet lindsey...we have a fun weekend planned.
check back here for a peek at what we'll be up to!

i have left my faithful and devoted bernina 1080 to be tuned up.
i am always anxious when i leave her.
we have been together for a long time.

last night i delivered cream of broccoli soup and corn muffins
to my friend, paul, who just had his second knee replaced.
he is doing great.
and now we belong to the same club.

i have been saddened by the results of the elections in massachusetts.
my home state.
gone a little nuts.
hope and change take time.
and look what he stepped into.
give the man a break and some support,
not fear, disguised as backlash.

i listen to good music as an antidote
to the occasional madness in this world.
alela diane is a new fave.

and i've been meaning to thank you all
for your comments and e-mails on the occasion of the one year
of sewandsowlife.
(my mumsie's and catherine d's
i appreciate your kindness.


  1. Papa George looks very cool with his 3-D glasses on...although from where he is now, he can probably see in all dimensions without need of any kind of glasses *g*.

    Have a safe trip and wonderful weekend in Boston! I hope the weather cooperates. Even if it's yucky, i know you and Lindsey will have a great time together.

    Very disappointed in the Massachusetts Senate results...although the new guy sounded halfway decent in his interviews last night.

  2. I LOVE the grapefruit photo.

    I think when I get my own place I will need to get some prints of your photos for my walls.

    xoxo Hani