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Monday, January 4, 2010

putting christmas away

A few years ago, I traced some cookie cutters onto some shot cotton the color of gingerbread and appliqued them onto one of my favorite prints.
Then I pieced the rectangles together with a sweet floral.
I added a few embellishments (buttons, cinnamon sticks, ribbon...)
Added a border with rick rack, quilted and bound it...and voila...a holiday wall hanging.
And this is the product of one of the very first quilting classes I ever took, back in the early '80's, done 100% by hand.
Last night I got nudged to the very edge of the comfy chair by the fire.

Hope you are cozy, too!


  1. I like the gingerbread quilt, very clever idea with the shapes already done for you.
    Cats have a way of squeezing you off your favourite chair! (we put our decorations away this weekend too!)

  2. I love your handwork, Karen!
    Cats do seem to take over any comfy spot!!

  3. The Christmas decorations have been taken down here too, it's a tradition in the UK to take them down on the 6th Jan having been up for the twelve days of Christmas. A couple of days earlier for me this year.
    Your wall hangings are beautiful.

  4. That's such a sweet Christmas wall hanging, Karen! And the wreath quilt is very nice, too...was your class with Jeanna Kimball? looks like one of her pretty red and green quilt patterns... That's very funny about Henry nudging you to the edge of the comfy chair. My cats try to do that to me, and do it to each other as well...most of those pictures of Fuzzy and Louie snuggling on the couch together begin as Louie trying to squeeze into the favored side of the couch, and Fuzzy being too sleepy to put up a struggle and just letting Louie in next to him.