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Sunday, January 3, 2010

handmade gifts

These went back to Stew and Dawn's kitchen in Oregon, along with a photo of Stewart, at about 6 months, wearing overalls made from the elephant fabric. A tutorial for the knit dishtowel can be found here.
These pillowcases went back to Massachusetts with Lindsey. She has loved this Kaffe Fassett fabric forever.
These went to Lindsey's kitchen.
This project bag went back to college with Gretta. Fabric from auntycookie in Australia.
This is the other side of the project bag...with an appliqued felted/printed origami crane. (Lindsey had given this to me ages ago, and I squirreled it away for exactly the right project).
The pattern for this charging station came from this book.Sad thing is, Hannah lost her cell phone right before Christmas. Ooops! (She's hunting for a new one for cheap, as we speak).
Clever Batman made me this drying rack, to make reusing plastic bags even easier.
And check out this gorgeous table he made for Stewart and Dawn from repurposed and harvested wood from "a bit of earth".

To read about our guidelines for holiday giving, click here.

To see what the kids came up with click here.

A few pairs of muttons came off the knitting needles, too.

And due to the five days I was stuck in bed right before the holidays, a few IOU's went out. I'll post about them when they're done!


  1. Fantastic! I especially love the birch table. Happy New Year!

  2. What wonderful goodies! I love that Kaffe fabric too! Wish we could get this in the Sunday paper supplements before the holidays next year - good now for New Year's planning, though. Thanks for the inspiration!

  3. really. i'm in awe. such beautiful hand work. i'm sure those that received these were very touched!

  4. Beautiful gifts, Karen.
    I know how special it feels to receive a handmade gift from you!!
    The birch table is especially beautiful, and the hand sewn items -
    ultra thoughtful!

  5. I would have loved the oven mitt and pot holders..mine are getting pretty tatty and thin... I do get burned on more than infrequent occasions...but, don't feel confident enough make my own. The ones I've seen in the shops are ugly...and the mitts waaaaay too big nowadays for my smallish hands... they aren't safe when they are too large... keep looking or... maybe get brave and make some of my own...

  6. Wow...wish I was in your family. Awesome handmade gifts you all created! I bet they were all loved!

  7. Very nice gifts! the handknit dish towels are sweet...they look so absorbent and comfy! might be something fun & new for me to knit instead of glitzy fashion scarves :)