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Sunday, January 10, 2010

blog gifties

on thursday, a package arrived addressed to
"henry snickerdoodle reed".
inside was a very sweet, handmade card from
sylvie, louie, fuzzy and gingy and their mom.
there was a lavender sachet for me (how nice to be included!)

and a very fun little quilt for henry.
which he warmed up to after he...

sniffed it, wrestled with it and decided it must have come from friends.

and just before christmas, this very beautiful card came
from judy hartman.
i love judy's work and have met her in the real world.
she had posted a photo of this card on her blog.
i left a comment about how much i loved it,
and a bit later i found it in my mailbox.

thank you judy.
and thank you to my buddies over at quiltcat's musings...
both human and feline.
i appreciate your thoughtfulness and generosity of spirit!


  1. What a beautiful card that is by Judy. Did I mention that I love the birch fabric you posted about from Ink & Spindle. . . . . .! :)

  2. Lucky lady and lucky cat1 beautiful gifts and cards.

  3. That was suppose to say cat! not cat1-sorry!!!!

  4. Looks like a comment i'm sure i left got eaten by Google! very glad the gifties arrived, and so nice to see Henry happily ensconced on his mat!

  5. Wow, Karen, I've really been out of it and totally missed this post! Thank you for showing this card and linking to me. And Quiltcat's gifts are very special.
    Don't you love blogging friends?