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Saturday, January 16, 2010

away again

a quiet get-away weekend at "a bit of earth",
where the wild creatures have roamed while we've been away.
batman and i will go on a tracking walk
after lunch to see who's been here.

and today, my "bad dog, no biscuit" award goes to pat robertson.
shameful man.


  1. I heard about this on Radio 4, and there was a lovely Archbishop (I am not sure who) correcting him, and directing him to read his Bible more carefully! It beggars belief, really, but I hope people don't take him seriously.

    Pomona x

  2. He is beyond shameful in the face of such suffering.
    I hope, by some miracle, he comes to see how wrong and insensitive his words are.

  3. I will only say that if there's a such thing as reincarnation, I would not want to be Pat Robertson in his next life.

  4. I hope that no one else believes the poisonous nonsense he has been spreading.
    In the meantime, what lovely peaceful photos those are! I love how the pine cone made patterns in the snow...and i bet you and batman will have had found following all those interesting tracks.