inhale...exhale...relax your shoulders...repeat as often as needed

Saturday, January 2, 2010


We have (reluctantly) trickled back to CT, Gretta flies back to college tomorrow.

We had a very lazy day...Batman said, "Sometimes you have to let the battery run way down before you recharge it".

He's right.


  1. Hi Karen. I'd like to use your words from yesterday (Oh the Possibilities and all) with the UCH youth group tomorrow - with attribution of course - is that o.k.?

  2. thanks, bethany. :-)

    and, deb....shucks... yes, that would be so cool.

  3. So many of the pictures on your blog are just so perfect, including this one. Do you take them all that day or do you have a stockpile of photos? What kind of camera do you use?

  4. Vivien...I'll send you an email as well, but thought I'd answer your question here.

    About 95% of the time I take the photos on the day of the's all part of my "being in the moment" yearning. Once in a while, I'll reach into the archives.

    I use a Panasonic"Lumix" camera which sports a Leica lense. It has a nice little built in zoom. When I asked my brother Nelson for tips when shopping for a camera, he urged me to buy one that was small enough to fit in my pocket. "That way you'll actually use it a lot more". He was right!

    One of my new year's projects is to locate the owner's manual so that I can work on using all the bells and whistles that I know it has.

    Thanks all, so much for your very nice comments.