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Friday, January 22, 2010

oh, what a fun day...

i started out at diesel cafe, in davis square, where i met
the delightful and gracious mimi for coffee and conversation.
i've loved mimi's blog and whimsical dolls for ages.
i'm so grateful she made time for a "meet up" with an out of town fan!
check out her etsy shop and classes.

then on to meet lindsey for lunch and a free afternoon for exploring.
i remember going to the windsor button shop with my mumsie
 when i was just a little girl.
then, as teens, my cousins and i would go there to buy fun trims
to sew onto the hems of our bellbottoms
(we were so tall, we needed to lengthen them).

the shop has changed locations and added yarn (!) to their inventory,
but the button wall is still amazing!

then on to clear flour bakery in brookline,
near the packard square T-stop.

i had read about this place on a blog
(sorry i can't remember which one).
it was worth the trip.
very beautiful artisan breads and goodies.
the BEST molasses cookies,
poppy seed, sesame seed and plain challah,
tarts, was all a bit overwhelming.
and inspiring.

i have loved walking and taking the T to get around.
and tonight we are off to the studio of one of lindsey's friends
for an art swap and then dinner.

hoping you all are headed into a fun weekend, too!


  1. oh I remember embellishing bell bottoms with embroidery! but I was usually ripping out the hem to get a good fringe and to make them shorter!

    Those pastries look delicious:)

  2. I remember the Windsor Button Shop and I, too, visited it with my Mom.
    I was always fascinated with that wall of buttons!

  3. oh my. this takes me back.
    my first job out of college? at the Windsor button shop. I didn't go to college in Boston, but moved there immediately to work for the Boston Shakespeare Company (before Peter Sellers).

    oh my.

  4. Who says all the cool shops and bakeries are in Europe?

  5. How fun! And what a treat that a button shop is still open! A rarety I think. Those breads are so pretty. Sounds like a wonderful start to the weekend. Enjoy enjoy.

  6. Sounds like loads of fun! and amazing that you and Judy both had shopped there and Melanie had worked there! our original G Street Fabrics used to be in a huge dark old space (strangely enough on G Street) with wooden drawers full of buttons in a similar display. Now they're in several suburban locations, still with lots of buttons, not the same mystique.