inhale...exhale...relax your shoulders...repeat as often as needed

Monday, January 25, 2010

embracing the wildness of the day

more pots have come up from the garage.

the forecast was accurate.
i went out into the world to do a few errands
and drove on flooded roads, dodged fallen trees
and got drenched through, despite sturdy rain gear.
it was kind of fun. (and, oh, the wind!)
i am a wee bit concerned about the stream
than runs under our driveway.

this afternoon will be devoted to hot tea,
some board reading, some time in my studio,
a bit of snail mail correspondence
and trying a new recipe for dinner.
cream of parsnip soup, from NOURISH, indulgently healthy cuisine.

the hyacinth and narcissus help cheer an afternoon like this.
what cheers you?
don't be shy...leave a comment or send an email!


  1. We started the day with sunshine, had a midday blizzard, and now it doesn't know WHAT it's doing.

    I hope the soup is yummy! My afternoon was cheered with sending out Valentines to my siblings...everyone needs a little love!

  2. Flowers always cheer me up on grey winter days like today.

  3. It's windy and snowy here! I almost blew away on my way to class!

  4. we had some AMAZING morning sunshine today.
    I took a little hike and soaked a little in.
    AND I saw some little buds sprouting. eek!

  5. If I'm guilt free enough to sneak in the time, a stint curled up on the couch with a novel and my dog in front of the fire - bliss!

  6. We had a lot of rain and some wind here, too. Friends up in the mountains had big problems with roads that turned into streams and then got washed out, little bridges that were underwater and now covered with debris, etc. It was an amazing 60 degrees yesterday and has now plummetted back into the 30s. Oh well!

    Seeing my two big boy cats cuddling on the couch as they're doing right now never fails to cheer me.

  7. Clicked on the link for the book you're reading; I'm intrigued. Is it any good?

    What cheers me? Hearing my husband and children laugh with abandon, a cup of hot chocolate, and a hug from all my loves.

  8. I love your blooming bulbs. They cheer me. And reminded me to order some library books on forcing. On their way to me. So I can have basement plants to bring up next year.

    What made me happy today was when I got home from a hard therapy session, 2 of the cats who'd rushed out the door when I left were waiting for me in the driveway. They ran up my car to see me through the windshield. Pawed at the window. I rolled down my window and in they both jumped. I sat there drinking my coffee and they explored a bit, purred for me, said hello, we're so glad you came home.

    Thanks for asking Karen.